10 Things You Must Know: Plumbing Leaks

Here are the 10 tips on how you can get to know about your leaking pipes.

Tip No. 1

The exterior of the pipes is very important. Wrap your pipes properly to avoid water from being freezed. By wrapping the pipes, the water will keep on moving and it will not get freezed even if the temperature is cold.

Tip No. 2

Keep checking your pipes regularly to know if everything is working fine with the pipes. It will help you in saving any kind of big damage.

Tip No. 3

Under your kitchen sink, simply take a look from time to time and check whether there are any trickles. It is a very good thing to keep checking periodically and have a look.

Tip No. 4

If your pipe is going through some cement base then it is very necessary to install frost-free hose bib that will shut the water closer off thus preventing from freezing.

Tip No. 5

Check whether your pipe is pitched back towards the source of steam so that when the water is condensed it can go back to the boilers.

Tip No. 6

Sometimes the lining of the pipe wears away and the water starts dripping from the base. In such case, just call your manufacturer and if it is still in warranty, replace it and install a pan under it.

Tip No. 7

If you have any kind of leakage from the shower spout, just isolate the water from the shower valve, remove the handles and stem and replace it.

Tip No. 8

Most oftenly, the leakage occurs from the back side where the pipe is linked to the wall. Try to tighten it up with your hands if not then use wrench to tighten it up a little more.

Tip No. 9

If the washer is worn, even if you have pressed it, you can still get a drop if it’s faulty. You need to evacuate what is faulty there, replace it with another washer, tighten it, set the handle back on and test it out.

Tip No. 10

A faucet is a mechanical thing that may get leaked with the passage of time. Some people don’t really like to replace it but when it becomes too old it is difficult to get parts of it so try to replace and reinstall your faucet at least once a year.


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