22 Home’s Curb Appeal Ideas “REMAKE”

These info is related to 22 ideas for increasing curb appeal ideas “REMAKE”
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1. Repaint the Door

2. Clean and Spray Paint the Door Knobs

3. Create a Custom Doormat

4. Add a Fancy Door Knocker

5. Stylize the House Number

6. Shutter the Windows

7. Mend the Window Screens

8. Upgrade the Windows with Window Boxes

9. Add a Flowery Trellis

10. Dot Some Planters Around

11. Decorate the Planters Personally

12. Cover Up Unsightly Dirt With Rocks

13. Add Hanging Planters

14. Invest in Climbing Vines

15. Plant Flowers at the Bases of Trees

16. Eliminate Nasty Weeds

17. Keep the Front Porch Clean

18. Stylize the Porch with Tiles or Cement Staining

19. Conceal Unsightly Air Conditioning Units

20. Blend in Electrical Boxes With the Rest of the Home

21. Replace or Upgrade Outdoor Lights

22. Customize the Mailbox

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  1. Linda Curtis
    August 1, 2018

    Love some of these ideas especially the mailbox upgrade!

  2. sidetracked2007
    August 1, 2018

    This was seamless and so enjoyable!! Great ideas!!

  3. momof2
    August 5, 2018

    Nothing new here

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