3D Architectural Rendering | An Animation Design Of Logung Dam Kudus ( Animasi Bendungan Logung Kud

3D Architectural Rendering | An Animation Design Of Logung Dam Kudus ( Animasi Bendungan Logung Kudus)

The government has to overcome the problem of flooding in Kudus area by doing various planning which started in 1986 that is by making Dam Logung.

Region Manager of Sungai Pemali Juana as the executor of the activities of the Ministry of Public Works in the Jratun Seluna River will do the development of Logung Dam which will be implemented in 2014.

Logung Dam’s location is located downstream of River Logung encounter with Gajah River in Dukuh Slalang, Tanjungrejo Village, Jekulo District.

Geographically, the location of this dam plan lies in the position between 110 ’55’ 20.27 “BT and 06” 45 ‘28.38 “LS The puddle area belongs to Dukuh Sintru, Kandang Mas Village, Dawe District and Dukuh Slalang, Tanjungrejo Village, District Jekulo all of which are in the administrative area of Kudus

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