A Mosaic Artist’s Minimal & Modern Melbourne Cottage | Small House Design Ideas

Name: Claire Plummer
Location: Brunswick — Melbourne, Australia
Size: 2,034 square feet
Years lived in: 15 years, owned

It might be surprising to learn that Claire Plummer — a telecommunications analyst by day, mosaic artist by night — is a self-confessed minimalist when it comes to decorating her home. But it’s precisely this conscious decision to keep it simple with furnishings that’s allowed the amazing, one-of-kind mosaic art she creates to shine.

Claire has decorated her home with artwork created by artist friends (Gemma Donnellan and Paloma White), as well as many pieces sourced on Etsy. The furniture is a combination of vintage, store bought and made to measure, like the custom Murphy beds in the two spare bedrooms, for friends and guests who stay over. Claire can open the cupboard-like structures and simply fold the beds down.

However, it is her amazing mosaic artwork — on view from her living room and kitchen — that truly makes her home. Claire’s been doing mosaic work for ten years now, and she creates her giant mosaic compositions out of mostly recycled materials like old plates and mirrors in her spare time outside of work hours. Large pieces can take three to six months each. Unfortunately, Claire has recently found out that the boundary wall on which she’s created her mosaic masterpieces is marked for demolition — due to the proposed re-development of the building next door. Fingers crossed that her mosaics can be saved from destruction!

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