A Unique And Attractive House, House Combines the Office Work and Stay of Young Couples

Today, the use of container design has become relatively common. With the use of containers, homeowners not only save money but also create a unique and attractive home. Today, kienviet.net would like to introduce to you a container used house designed by VHL Consulting – Design – Architecture Company. Danang.
Container House was designed by VHL Architecture. The home combines the office work and stay of young couples. The house is designed with 3 20-foot containers stacked to meet the functions required by the landlord.
1st floor: Use 2 containers of layout including: office space, transitional space connected to standing traffic, kitchen and WC. The goal of the design is to bring the green space into the house, removing the space between the inside and outside.
The second floor is the private space for the young couple. The architect used a container to form a bedroom for the couple, a front yard and relaxing corner behind.
Highlights of the house is the ingenious combination of prefabricated materials assembled to solve the fast in the construction of assembly, the integration of green spaces in the house to create a green house in harmony with nature. Remove the dry lines of the container.

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