Absolutely Cute Tiny House Valhalla by Baluchon

Absolutely Cute Tiny House Valhalla by Baluchon
Price: Start 25k EURO

The tiny house Valhalla has a single-sided architecture, which gives it maximum volume inside.

To dress this house and break with the massive effect that this architecture induces, we opted for a two-tone cladding with affirmed roof ladders, supported by five brackets on each gable. Numerous windows adorn the façades, including three bull’s-eye windows and two long panoramic windows upstairs.

At the entrance, there is a large library on the right, next to the bathroom with its 80x80cm shower and dry toilet with stainless bucket and chip compartment.

The upstairs lounge is composed of a large sofa bed, a coffee table and two shelves.

Below is a first room which can contain, in addition to two wardrobes already installed, one to two beds of children or a double bed. A small curtain can hide this room from the rest of the house.

The kitchen has a fridge, a double-flow VMC, a sink, a mini oven, hotplates with a gas bottle and a hot water tank. The worktops are in solid oak. A staircase at the end of the furniture allows access to the mezzanine of the living room.

In front of the kitchen is a large office, equipped with an RJ45 plug and overhung with four flying steps. The owners have a comfortable way to access their room without overloading the space with a staircase too massive. The first two steps slip under the desk so as not to impede traffic.

The room on floor accommodates without problem a double bed. A small removable oak nightstand is installed next to it and a balustrade secures the floor.

The tiny house Valhalla is the main house of Lena, Lambert and their son Isaac.

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  3. Rain Coleman
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    Don't like the toilet but I like everything else

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    August 9, 2018

    This may be the smartest design yet. Great home.

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