Absolutely Stunning Cozy Tiny Studio Cottage On Cape Cod

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Absolutely Stunning Cozy Tiny Studio Cottage On Cape Cod
Location: Cape Cod is home to many tiny cottages, a lot of which are intended for seasonal use only by the tourists who throng to the Cape every summer. This shingled cottage home, however, is set up for full-time living.
The tiny cottage was built in 1950. Its original function is unknown to us, but the remodelling that turned it into the studio dwelling you see here happened decades later. A bathroom addition on the side and a closet added to the back brought the cottage’s floor plan to 348 ft2 (32.3 m2). In summer, the living space expands out to the large deck, which is quite private thanks to a screen of evergreen trees.
Aside from the bathroom, the cottage is one room. There are a couple of armchairs gathered around a woodstove, a bed in one corner, a small dining set in another, and a surprisingly big and well-equipped kitchen. A decent amount of storage space is provided by two large closets, one of which also holds a washer and dryer.
The cottage recently changed hands for for $245,000, which probably reflects its proximity to the beach. The real estate listing indicates that it has a septic system with enough capacity for a four-bedroom house, so hopefully the new owners relocate the cottage if they intend to build something bigger.
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