After 5Yrs of Architecture At Kamla Raheja Vidyanidhi Institute for Architecture

Want to seeeeeee my past once again , once again ,once again and once again, 1st year innocence, 2nd year smartness, 3rd year seniorness, 4th year matureness, 5th year will see

Kamla Raheja

Lakshyam creation : A space where MInd has some work
Lakshyam creations is not a pastiche, but it is something which partakes the memory of past, for whom humans crave for it.
It is a jollification of a amalgamation of architecture and movie.
It rejuvenates you from the splenetic behaviour.
It persists you of all the power which is pulling you back.
It makes you feel crescendo.
The world’s a stage and most of us are desperately unrehearsed.
lakshyam creations makes an effort to expunges your stymie.
Yes, lakshyam creations may be a tiro and also it is a scion.
but it has some bonafide which will not take time to you to turn your head towards the top.
Lakshyam creations is a connote so to say 3 things that persists.
It also tries to be mysticism in innumerable ways.
It is considered as consecrate.
Lakshyam creations makes a being to connoisseur
It is said that fame and energy can transmigrate but lakshyam creation illumines itself.
Lakshyam creation is particularly is a seer which endurance for eternal.
It respects floruit and would want to make them a part of their soul.
lakshyam creations overwhelms the power of emanations of the subordinate consequent adobe.
Painstaking is very important for the perjry.
Lakshyam creations is a mixture o extravaganza & architectonics.
Peitrate is must.
Success is just an illusion, which illumines your mind.
Just be suave enough, so that you can clutch anything.
Solipsismly lakshyam creations is a candour.

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  1. DjRob S
    August 11, 2015

    holy shit…..these kids are funny

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