AppSheet Office Hours S2E9 – Driver Dispatch App Part 2

In this episode of AppSheet Office Hours, we continue building the delivery app for drivers that we started in the previous episode. We talk about customizing the app’s behavior with workflow rules, integration with other services, and working with location and maps in more depth.

Check out the previous episode here to see how we made the app:


Recap of the previous episode | 3:10

My app will have clients as users. They don’t have any authentication service, so how can I create a secure application for them? | 14:54

How to customize the app’s behavior | 16:30

Zapier webhook workflow rule demo | 26:45

Do you have an integration with Zapier so that AppSheet shows up inside of Zapier? | 31:24

Say a customer wants to integrate with their tax service tool — do we have integration with tax services so that they can pull reports from the app and then send to the tax company? | 32:20

How to customize the automatically created Map view | 35:53

I have both pickup and delivery. Do you recommend separate apps for pickup and delivery each? | 43:47

From my experience, the info sent through AppSheet by webhooks is in JSON format. | 46:26

I have two tables, one where a driver is allocated a job and then they go to collect the item. When they arrive they need to quickly capture the name of the person they collected it from and their signature. The second table is for delivery. When they deliver at the other end, they again need to collect the name and signature of the person to whom they are delivering the item and save it, with the status automatically updated to “delivered”. What’s the easiest way to accomplish this in AppSheet? | 47:17

Is there a way to use the map feature for routing information? For instance, can it show travel time and traffic? (Follow-up) | 53:26

The HERE() expression automatically brings the location of the device in lat-long coordinates, but can it also get the address? | 55:24

We are trying to develop a typical process engineering line based on AppSheet. Each row is a process line where each process line has, for example, a design temperature. Sometimes, it’s necessary to copy the same design temperature to many different rows. It’s simple when you work on the spreadsheet, but how can I do this in AppSheet? | 57:12

If I have a location in lat-long coordinates, is there a way to calculate the closest property address? | 1:00:13


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