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Watch how easy it is to install one of our Soft Architecture plaster fixtures, the Teardrop.

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In this video tutorial we’ll look at creating dramatic, contrasty, fine art black and white architecture images using Adobe Photoshop and Nik Silver Efex. Having Nik Silver Efex isn’t necessary as the bulk of our work revolves around Photoshop, but I cover it here because I consider it to be the best tool for creating …

Darren Fullbrook explains about the care, skill and dedication that goes into making their decorative architectural mouldings. They make decorative plaster work for many important buildings, as well as for private clients, both inside and out, all over the UK. You can see their work and many more of the most beautiful and skillfully handcrafted …

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I thought it would be interesting to timelapse the creation of one of my models, given how much time I spend making them. This is a simple sectional model of my third Design 100 project this semester. It took about four hours of real time to make. The project was to design an artist studio …

A lecture for an Adriatic cruise looking at the art and architectre of Venice.

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