The Automotive Architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright

In the 20th century, the people of Oak Park threatened by “The Yellow Devil”. It is a sports car which has a 45 horsepower Stoddard-Dayton and it’s color was yellow with brown seats and a brass trim. Its wheel was renowned American architect Frank Lloyd Wright, that speeds up to 60 mph.

Wright was known as one of the most popular automotive obsessives that had bought over 80 vehicles in his lifetime. The Yellow Devil was Wright’s first collection of cars along with manufacturers like Mercedes, Jaguar, Bentley, and Cadillac. Wright fascinated with speed and design of an automobile. According to him in 1929 Cord L-29 “It looked becoming to my houses,”

In the same time, Wright was terrorizing Oak Park in Stoddard-Dayton. He was at that time working in the Robie House. The Engineer Fredrick C. Robie, an assistant manager at the Excelsior Supply Company, contacted with Wright and offer him to work on his home. Robie said about Wright“When I talked in mechanical terms, he talked and thought in architectural terms. I thought, ‘he was in my world.’”

Wright integrated three garages of a car into the design of the house itself. The garage had features of the car wash and pit area for car engines. In 1909, the house was completed and many cars were set there separately accordingly their manufactures companies. The Robie House was considered the first American homes that integrated a garage into the design.

Wright had worked with many companies and people. The famous work was the automobile house, Fallingwater where four-car carport opposite to the guest house. The owner of Fallingwater, Edgar Kaufmann, wanted to make garage alongside but Wright disagreed and said that this enclosed space only attract clutter. According to Wright, “the very quality of its movement, rising and adapting itself to the uninterrupted movement of people sitting comfortably in their own cars in a novel circumstance with the whole landscape revolving about them.”

Now, there is automotive CRM software available but we can’t forget the work of Frank Lloyd Wright. Wright’s love for cars and passion for work challenge him to do something hard and innovative thing.


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