Basement Remodeling Ideas Inspiration

Basement Remodeling Ideas Inspiration

Bar in the basement

The trench-looking, dusty, old basements filled with stuffed boxed away for eternity are a thing from the past. Today, the basements are multifunctional living spaces; some of them can be even sun-filled, which makes them a whole new type of area for the home.
Basement Remodeling Ideas

Basement remodeling idea – wine cellular

Forget about turning your basement into a no man’s land and check out these wonderful basement solutions for the home. A basement can easily be turned into a living room, gym, office, playroom, guest bedroom, and many other possibilities. Here are some of the most original ideas:
Basement Remodeling Ideas — Modern Wine Cellular

Wine cellular in the basement

A basement turned into a bar — that’s what it means to have an entertaining area at home. This chic basement bar is the perfect place for a small gathering or a party at home. The cozy lighting, the floor-to ceiling stone panels and the absence of natural light give a feeling of a night-out clubbing. With a little more squeezing and practical solutions, this small basement area can easily be turned into a fascinating wine cellar in a stellar manner. The choice of natural materials such as stone and wood for the flooring the walls and the suspended ceiling create a natural and cozy atmosphere and give a lovely rustic reminiscent.

Basement Remodeling Ideas — Lovely Kids Playground

Modern kids playground ideas

A kids-playground is probably the best and the most creative choice for this vast-expansive basement area. Most parents have trouble with children’s daycare centers; in this case, the cleverest solution is to turn your basement into one. This way the child can have a normal childhood with all the necessary activities and proper socializing. The children can have all the fun they need, under the parents’ close watch, while they spend their time enjoyably in a gym area — another part of the basement.

Kids Gym Area in the Basement

Basement remodeling ideas

Another great asset to remodeling the basement area is the reduction of common problems — mold or flooding. Even if the basement is mostly used for storage space, it can easily be functionalized for many other purposes as well, and storage doesn’t necessarily unlivable environment, therefore these practical ideas can turn the basement into a perfect below-grade space, where one can find peace and relaxation.

Playground Area for Adults

Basement remodeling idea – game room

Basement Remodeling Idea — Home Cinema

Home cinema design

Basement Turned into a Media Room

Basement remodeling idea – home cinema

Home Entertainment in the Basement

Media room idea

Modern Home Cinema

Media room in the basement

Basement Home Cinema Remodeling

Basement remodeling idea

Living Space Decoration Ideas in the Basement

Basement remodeling – living room

Living Room Interior Design Idea

Spacious living area in the basement

Stylish Living Area in the Basement

Basement remodeling

Minimalist Living Room Design

Living space in the basement

Basement Remodeling Idea — Modern Bedroom

Elegant bedroom design idea

Basement Remodeling — Laundry Room

Basement remodeling ideas

Home Office Design Ideas

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