Bathroom Remodel – Cost Estimate, Materials, Demo, Floor Tile – (Part 1)

Tools I Used:
Tile Saw – Light Duty:
DeWalt Miter Saw (12-Inch):
Bostitch Air Compressor Nail Guns Kit:
Framing Nail Gun:
Multimeter – Easy to use design –
Self-Leveling Laser Level:
Electrical Tools – Insulated Set:
Wire Strippers:
Self Adjusting Wire Strippers:
Drywall Sander Pad:
Drywall Hand Saw:
Stud Finder:
Heavy Duty Paint Sprayer:
Carbide Concrete Scoring Blade:

Drywall Screws:
Drywall Mesh Tape:
Electrical Can Lights – 6-pack:
Bathroom Faucet:
Tile Sealer Jug:
Tile Sealer Spray:
Hardi-Backer Screws:
Tile Spacers:
Silicone Caulk:
Bathroom Sink:
Toilet Wax Ring – Extra Thick:
14-2 Electrical Wire – 50′:

► Complete Playlist: ……….

——————– Full Bathroom Shower Tile & Floor Remodel Parts: ——————–
► Full Video – Shower, Floor Tile, Cost, Grout, Faucet ……….
► (Part 1) – Demo Small Bathroom Remodel ……….
► (Part 2) – Tile Shower Prep Work ……….
► (Part 3) – Small Bathroom Wall Tile Remodel ……….
► (Part 4) – Shower Tile Grout ……….
► (Part 5) – Grout Sealer & Shower Tile Shelf ……….
► (Part 6) – Plumbing Shower Faucet ……….
► (Part 7) – Floor Tile & Grout ……….
► (Part 8) – Install Toilet & Tile Flooring ……….

——————– Half Bathroom Tile Floor Remodel Parts: ——————–
► Full Video – Half Bathroom – Tile Floor, Toilet, Sink, Faucet ……….
► (Part 1) – Cost Spreadsheet, Materials, Demo, Floor Tile ……….
► (Part 2) – Cut & Install Floor Tile, Grout, Baseboard ……….
► (Part 3) – Install Sink, Faucet, Plumbing in Bathroom ……….

——————– BLOG POSTS: For Bathroom Remodels ——————–
■ 1/2 Bathroom Remodel ……….
■ Bathroom Remodel – Material & Planning ……….
■ Save 20% at Lowe’s and Home Depot ……….

○ Cost Opinion Spreadsheet ……….
(Use to determine rough cost to remodel bathroom)

This is just 1 part from a series of video’s of the process for remodeling a full bathroom and small half bathroom. Demo floor and shower tile. Install concrete backer board. Install shower tile and grout. Install floor tile and tile baseboard. Plumbing. Redo plumbing and install a new shower and sink faucet.

I filmed this the only way i could … as someone who has never done it before. We made mistakes as we went along but overall it turned out great. We are very happy with the result and saved a lot of money doing it by ourselves.

Hopefully you learn something by watching these series of video’s. Let me know anything i missed, the many things we got wrong, and something you recommend to make remodeling your bathroom easier.

(Disclosure Note: Please note that the Amazon link(s) above are affiliate links, and at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you decide to make a purchase after clicking through the link.)

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  1. Marc Cortez
    October 4, 2017

    nice vid!

  2. Patrick PhippsPA
    January 8, 2018

    Thanks again buddy! Those mukluks are showing up in a couple of videos. You're so easy to watch and understand. Calm, cool, collected and just a joy. I appreciate all your efforts!

  3. Adoboman Goyaman
    March 20, 2018

    You was better off just replacing the entire flooring in the half bathroom otherwise it looks good

  4. amirijaz
    April 18, 2018

    That’s not shower tile ….too porous….that’s for kitchen backsplash

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