Black and White Architecture Fine Art Photography Post-Processing Workflow Video

This is a complete workflow video tutorial of how to post-processing black and white architecture fine art photography.
here is the outline of this video, in case you want to know what I did in this video:

A. Lightroom

Library module

1. Showing the photo and metadata (00:00-00:10).

Develop module

2. Fix lens distortion (00:10-00:19)

3. Fix perspective distortion (00:19-00:32)

4. Remove lens dust (00:32-01:41)

5. Convert to black and white and create a darker mid-grey tone (01:41-02:06)

6. Move to Photoshop (02:06-02:06)

B. Photoshop

7. Create selection for the architecture (02:06-08:00)

8. Create a dark and contrast tone sky with Silver Efex Pro 2 (08:00-08:50)

9. Create a darker controlled tone architecture with Silver Efex Pro 2 (08:50-09:38)

10. Fix the white line on the edge of architecture (09:38-11:34)

11. Create a darker tone on the windows of the building top (11:34-12:52)

12. Create a more contrast to the name of the building (12:52-14-12)

13. Save and switch back to Lightroom. The saved photo is automatically imported to Lightroom (14:12-14:30)

C. Lightroom

14. Dodge & burn (14:30-17:00)

15. Change the overall tone (17:00-17:22)

16. Sharpening & noise reduction (17:22-17:37)

17. A bit of vignetting (17:37-17:50)

D. Finish

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