Bulgari Octo Roma 102704 Showcase Review

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Greetings. I’m Tim of Govberg and welcome to the world of Bulgari. Today, I’ll be your guide to the features and unique virtues of the Bulgari Octo Roma. 41 millimeters in brushed and polished stainless steel. This watch is one, and the same as its integrated and tapered stainless steel band, a continuous loop of finely finished metal around the wrist. It starts with the clasp on the underside. Low in profile, it helps to avoid scratches and scuffs in the course of sitting at a desk and with twin triggered deploying action and a double folding architecture, it works supremely well on a smaller wrists as it doesn’t have the one single large up and over fold of a single fold deployant.

You can see internally media blasted, externally polished, it’s fully finished, and with the twin trigger architecture you must positively release it to open it. It cannot pop open. Now the bracelet itself is functionally finished on its underside. Silky and smooth with broad channels between the individual links, it allows the wrists to aerate sufficiently on hot days that will never become sweaty, clammy, or uncomfortable and at the same time the broad channels between the finely finished links prevent the pulling of hair and the pinching of skin.

Now you’ll note, on the top the differential finish, intermediates in high polish, main links in satin finish. You can see also satin finished on its flank. It tapers almost imperceptibly. You can see the taper but it’s very difficult to feel the steps between links. Such are the manufacturing tolerances. Now I mentioned that the bracelet and the watch were almost indistinguishable and you can see how one flows continuously into the other. This is where Bulgari design really shows its jeweler’s lineage as the watch appears almost as a complete bracelet.

Equally, horology and architecture for the wrist, sculpture and metal. You can see how the end links of the bracelet join with the form of the lugs themselves. Now you can see contrast between the curves of the circular portion of the bezel and the angles of the case itself as well as the inner bezel. Now those curves juxtaposed to the sharp creases and character lines of the case flanked so too are the polished elements contrasted with the satin or grained finished metal components.

Now moving inboard you can see a satin finish circular about the bezel itself which gives way to a geometrically shaped inner bezel as well as dial. Now the dial is a rich and glossy Black lacquer. Extraordinarily deep, it almost appears as wet paint, as though one could stick one’s finger deep into it. Rich, deep, almost three-dimensional and gleaming, it serves as an immaculate base on top of which the satin finished arabic numerals as well as our indices are applied by hand.

At center, outstanding contrast by means of the ethereal, fasted and polished skeletonized Dauphine-style hands. Now you can note a very discreet and beautifully integrated date window at three O’clock. This information is available and practical when you want it thanks to a high-contrast White on Black printing, but it’s also discreet and disappears when you aren’t looking for it expressly.

Now on the flank you can see a polished double ridged or double neuraled crown. Easy to grasp, it also features a polished ceramic insert which is both beautiful and nicely complimentary to the gloss of the dial, as well as robustly scratch resistant as this common contact point is protected by the nearly indelible surrounded material. Now on the case back, through a display window, you can see Blugari manufacture caliber BVL 191. Designed and executed entirely in-house by Bulgari, you can see the decoration. A linear [inaudible 00:03:42] across the whiting mass as well as the bridges. It pivots on 26 jewels, it’s protected by 50 meter water resistance within this case and it features a full dual anchored bridge anchor for the balance sports watch style for greater stability in the face of bumps and vibrations on the wrist.

Automatic winding, it features ceramic rotor bearings and bi-directional winding action. The two endowing the watch with efficient winding and smooth winding, respectively. There’s no rotor wobble with bi-directional winding system.

Finally, the caliber features both stop seconds for halting the seconds hand synchronized to a reference time, as well as a quick set function for the date such that this can be cycled rapidly should you encounter an irregular length month or should the watch run down. You can see this, the Bulgari Octo Roma in stainless steel and the entire collection of Bulgari premium Swiss time pieces on our website GovbergWatches.com

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