C192 Nomad Tiny Shipping Container Home

This is Sunset‘s Idea House of 2011, or Cargotecture, which was on display during Celebration Weekend in Menlo Park.  It’s a tiny shipping container living space of 192 square-feet, though there’s room to sleep up to four.  It’s also solar-powered and ultra-modern, yet the nine-year old container structure has visited dozens of countries and traveled more than a half million nautical miles.
The modern home was designed and fabricated by Seattle-based HyBrid, which offers a base model of the c192 Nomad from $59,500.  The 24′ shipping container has a galley kitchen, micro bathroom, and large openings for blended indoor, outdoor space.
HyBrid finished the structure with an exterior of primary yellow and Andersen windows and doors.  Inside, the kitchen features wood counters and simple, functional cabinets, while the bathroom has a dual-flush toilet, Duravit sink, and ceiling-mounted shower.  There’s also a sofa and fold-down bed.
 Hybrid Architecture coined the term cargotecture in 2005 to describe any building built partially or entirely from recycled ISO shipping containers. They’ve been doing shipping container architecture for years, and know what they’re doing. Their homes are insulated with soy foam, have bamboo flooring, and a tiny yet functional bathroom. At $59,500, its $309 per square foot, but small houses usually cost more per square foot than big ones.

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