CQ&A #04 ft. The Embroidered Collection by Rooshad Shroff

Conversation 04 of CQ&A features Mumbai-based designer Rooshad Shroff, the realisation of The Embroidered Collection and the techniques involved.

Colour Quotient by Asian Paints is an online platform that chronicles experiments and unique works in design, architecture, visual culture, materials and more. With CQ&A #CQandA, CQ had candid conversations, behind the scene peeks and dig deeper into the minds of interesting Indian designers and studios.

Project: The Embroidered Collection
Designer: Rooshad Shroff
Type: Interior Design

The cornerstone of Indian design can arguably be the importance given to artisanal techniques and artistry. Rooshad Shroff’s Embroidered Collection features a series of furniture that combines modern silhouettes with traditional craftsmanship. It also introduces wood embroidery as a practice and a revised form of furniture upholstery.

Wood embroidery sees wooden furniture used as a canvas for needlework. Cotton threads are laced through the wooden pieces using a grid of holes, forming various patterns and designs. The underlying grid system and precise drawings dictate the thread work, making the outcome an accurately choreographed gradient of colours.

The colour fastened threads ensure they don’t fade over time while the wood is finished off using a natural polish. While they are produced at a slower rate than furniture that has been mass produced, Rooshad Shroff is of the opinion that some things simply take time if done well. That the care is taken to create each piece also contributes to its value and appeal.

Photographs by Rooshad Shroff and Neville Sukhia.

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Check out Rooshad Shroff’s work:

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