Crime Prevention Through Landscape Design

Through ingenious and inexpensive design, proper planning using the principles of as CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design) , a property can be less attractive to a potential criminal.

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Sustainable Design and Consulting
Located in Central Florida, Sustainable Design and Consulting offers landscape architecture services and horticultural consulting, to increase value, aesthetic qualities and experience within the landscape for commercial and residential, as well as services in green and sustainable living.

What We Offer :
Landscape Architecture
Landscape Design
Residential Design
Commercial Design
Outdoor Gathering Areas
Courtyard Design
Outdoor Living Rooms
Outdoor Meditation Rooms
Outdoor Kitchens
Fire Pits
Conceptual Pool & Spa Design Site
Sustainable Landscapes
Low Maintenance Lawn + Gardens
Edible Landscapes
Wetland and Lakefront Landscapes
Butterfly Gardens
Wildlife Encouraging Landscapes
Custom Garden Design
Hardscape Design
Landscape Lighting

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