Cute Camper Tiny House, Run by Solar from High Country Camp

Cute Camper Tiny House Run by Solar from High Country Camp
Price: $49,000
They are a new company that is building a true four season camper. It has been tested to 20 below zero.It is super insulated with closed cell foam. 2×4 walls and 2×6 floor. It weighs #5900. It is also rat and mouse proof. Everything in the camper runs on solar except the air conditioner. I runs on 110 but a small 2000 watt generator will run that. The model shown, the Pardner costs $49,000.00. It will sleep four. We plan to be in production by March 15. Our website is

Buy from High Country Camps LLC

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  1. Tiny House Listing
    April 19, 2018

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