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You have already seen Green Design’s booth, so I would like to take you on a short tour of the work of one of my favorite all time woodworkers, George Nakashima. I had the honor of spending a day with George Nakashima in 1988, two years before his death. A special display of his work …

Furniture Auction absolute Town Country and Casual Lauderdale Pompano Beach Florida.Saturday January 24th 11 am. Items for bid include bedroom, diningroom, dinette, lighting, paintings, and designer furniture by Tommy Bahama and Theodores.

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Action video of making your own construction techniques you can change and expand on. Demonstrated by Eric Guiomar. This DVD (In English) used by permission from Eric Guiomar. Please contact Monsieur Guiomar to have This fabulous book published in English please, so more people will be able to read it! Print instructions for Corner Cupboard …

Pictures from the Fall 2008 Furniture Design class at Houghton College. Professor: Gary Baxter

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Bali House Furnishings creates unique designs and sells to any taste and budget. Customer satisfaction and savings is our goal. From concept to setup, we do it all! Located in Hermosa Beach, CA, we’ve been shipping from Hawaii to New York. Tells us your idea and budget, we’ll deliver it!

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Care for outdoor wood furniture by washing it with soap and water, rubbing with sandpaper and applying a paint, varnish or sealer to the wood. Learn how long to let outdoor wood furniture dry after applying a sealant with this free video from a professional landscaper on lawn care tips. Expert: Bill Elzey Contact: …

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– At Designer Sofas4u we specialise in good quality tub chairs. Manufactured on site to the highest standards we can offer unbeatable prices on a range of comfortable Tub Chairs upholstered in Leather, Fabric and Suede. Our Bucket/Tub Chairs can be altered or tailored to suit your requirements.

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– Only a handful of British manufacturers remain capable of reproducing the original hand-made quality for which the Chesterfield sofa was designed for. Finding a hand-stitched, hand-dyed, and British made Chesterfield Sofa can be difficult to source. All of these characteristics are fundamental to what Designer Sofas4u stands for by combining British craftsmanship with a …

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Modern Contemporary Living Room Furniture Featuring modern leather sofas in a range of colors and fabrics: leather, dark shades,white colors- our modern contemporary collection adds elegance to any living room. Our pieces are ideal for art deco, contemporary or mid-century settings. All the finished details throughout this set ensure this gem looks good from all …

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