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Contemporary luxury gives us the best of both worlds- the finest designing of space, furniture and materials made accessible to you for an opulent yet relaxed lifestyle. This gives every piece in the room its moment of reflection. And what’s better than that? Well, Presotto Italia is a prominent furniture company in Italy, known for …

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LIVE Design Session (PARTY). Watch as I play and design with this amazing product. Shop now: Are you ready to join my team? Just message me. I know you will love being a designer on Team Simply Chalk Design. email me for more info. Chalk Couture is a Chalk Transfer and Chalk Paste combination …

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Blueprint Furniture is a 15,000 sq. ft. showroom in Los Angeles, CA open 7 days a week. Please visit us to view the high quality BDI collection, and other design-conscious, quality modern furniture.

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– Online Store – We sell premium Yard and Garden Furnishings and Decor. Patio Furniture, Solar Lightings, Garden Sculptures, Yard Vases, Yard Benches and more. Visit today.

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Period rooms or reflections of them can be a real tricky venture because if not done wisely, can look tacky and gimmicky or unconvincing. The rooms below represent 3D conceptual spaces from an older era. Though the furniture may not be true to any particular period they’re going for there is no denying the traditional …

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If your are on the lookout for bold, colorful living room furniture check out German company COR. Not only do they stand out due to their not-so-common hues, but you will find a variety of shapes that you probably wouldn’t find anywhere else. These sofas can bring about an air opulence to any room and …

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DIY Wood pallet garden seating furniture for sofa, bed, chair, bench with coffee or side tables! Wooden Pallet Garden Furniture ideas and Plans for pallet garden sofa, pallet garden bed, pallet garden chair, pallet garden bench with pallet coffee or pallet garden seating furniture!

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