DIY Mini Greenhouse Kits For Sale by Ikea in Small Indoor / Outdoor Portable Size w/ White Panels

Mini greenhouse kits are great as a simple and decorative way to house small plants like herbs. These are perfect for indoor and outdoor use ( – Quick Link to the Ikea Greenhouse in the video). [Learn more below]

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They’re extremely portable and can be put together easily with the DIY plastic and glass piece in the greenhouse kit for sale by Ikea in the video here.

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When people think of a DIY greenhouse, they may envision a big backyard green house with metal or plastic panels and huge pieces of glass. Sure, greenhouse supplies can be bought for those looking for something of that size, but for smaller plants, building a greenhouse of that capacity is too much. With the size and simplicity of the one here, no greenhouse plans are needed. This outdoor / indoor greenhouse for sale is offered by Ikea and very cheap to boot.

It’s definitely possible to build a homemade greenhouse of this size, but for the price, this white one with sturdy metal material and glass panels is a simple job to build and enjoy within minutes. It’s not pvc or plastic and has a great design with the top roof panels able to swing open partially or fully. Just add seeds for what you’d like to plant and some small pots and you’re ready to start your greenhouse gardening adventure.

Another option would be to get a pop up greenhouse if you’re on a budget. These can be larger or small, but made of plastic material like the FlowerHouse SpringHouse / PlantHouse. These would actually be just as portable. But, they don’t have the classic glass greenhouse look and feel. They’re more like tents with pvc greenhouse frame materials instead of panels and glass. These are also similar to solar greenhouses and can be as big as walk in types.

With the glass greenhouses, it’s important to know how much sun / shade your plants need. This is especially true if you’re in an area that gets a lot of sun. To increase shadiness, you can add greenhouse shade cloth to your setup or find covering material. Not much will be needed for the miniature greenhouse here. Or, just keep the greenhouse in an area that will get just enough sunlight due to physical structures above or to the side of the greenhouse like walls, awnings or patio covers.

It’s true that this is not a conventional diy greenhouse with plans and material that can be bought at the local home improvement store. This is a greenhouse kit, but you must assemble it yourself. Again, due to the small size and the cheap price, this small greenhouse would be more cost effective due to the quality of construction, lack of building time and nice glass panels.

These would look great in the patio or as a tabletop fixture indoors. Some plants will benefit from more air circulation, so think about ventilation equipment or fans for greenhouses to add to your setup if need be.

If you’re searching for a cute and creative way to house your herb plants, mini cactus or even mini African Violet plants, check out the mini greenhouse kits for sale by retailers like Ikea as seen here.

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