Dressmaker’s Treasury

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I have just finished working on a new course: Dressmaker’s Treasury. It includes supplementary materials in the forms of guides, tables, and different patterns which you can print out with your home printer.

I have harmonized all types of patterns for this course and now you can easily interchange and combine their parts. You can also cut a lace overlay top for your corset. It has been just a couple of days since I typed down my last tutorials, and there are still some schematic drawings and rules of choosing patterns left on my writing board. There are so many disappointing mistakes and fit-related problems which result from choosing the wrong pattern. I will use mock-up corset garments to explain how these issues arise in the first place and how to fix them later.

In the new course, I will tell you all about the anatomy of corset patterns for the first time. I will show and explain in detail where the under-bust dart comes from. We will talk about large and small sizes and about the corset construction as such. It will be the first time I give you a table of actual dart depths for different sizes.

Once you know how the corset pattern was made, you will understand how important it is to match the pattern with the sewing technique. And we will learn how to use an Automatic Pattern Adjustment Calculator.

Members have access to five table for automatic calculation of adjustments to corset patterns with two princess seams, with four princess seams, with shoulders, and with seamlessly integrated shoulder straps or halter-neck straps.

We will go through mistakes frequently made by beginners, but the course will also be helpful to experienced dressmakers. Dressmaker’s Treasury is something no professional seamstress can do without. It is a set of tools and skills necessary for everyone engaged in the making of wedding and evening dresses.

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Sewing corsets is easy!
is an online portal where you can learn how to create fancy and elegant corset dresses.

I have developed my own course that is a one-of-a-kind practical guide to sewing wedding dresses or evening gowns of any degree of complexity — quick and easy.

It took me 25 years to go through all trials and errors and develop my own techniques and methods, and you have the opportunity of learning them for free starting today.

As soon as you fill in the form below, you will start receiving e-mails with tutorials presenting my unique sewing techniques and explaining you how to:
– create and alter corset patterns for any body type;
– sew a beautiful stylish and feminine corset with a comfortable fit in just a few steps;
– turn a ready garment into a true piece of art by means of decoration.

Today hundreds of my students all around the world not only create their own masterpieces but have managed to open their own bridal fashion salons and become successful dressmakers. They have realized their potential in their labor of love and achieved financial self-sufficiency.

I invite you to join the Corset Academy too. Benefit from my truly one-and-only corset technique that knows no equals in the world. Make friends and communicate with like-minded people, build up and promote your own profitable business. And most importantly: cheer yourself and the hearts of your clients or your loved ones with charming elegant dresses that help form ideal body silhouettes.

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  1. eu zinha
    November 24, 2017

    otimo seus encinamentos.so fico triste por nao ser no meu idioma😁

  2. Cheryl Cooper
    November 24, 2017

    I love your tutorials. I understand them . As a novice , I , in the future will be able to perhaps draft something like you make here . I would live to be able to do so. As a single mother I had no time or money to do the things I love , art. This is one art I always dreamed of doing but could never afford it. Thank you. I will take what knowledge I can find as I have the opportunity like never before in my lifetime. So thank you very much.

  3. Z'Nyce London
    November 24, 2017

    Love your tutorials.

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