Drone’s eye architectural video of the Manna House

Shot using a combination of a quadcopter and a steady-cam.

This is a house for a client who wanted his house to be in vivid color. The house is inspired by the abstract color field paintings of Kenneth Noland and Josef Albers. Various shades of blue connect the house, sited on the ridge of a hill, to the the sky that serve as its backdrop. Blue is also a reference to how the house “sails” along the top of the hill like a ship.  

In plan, the house changes angles to capture different views of the city. This reinforces the feeling of a ship in motion. The house is divide into two structures, living and sleeping, and three decks. These elements are tied together by an undulating facade composed of a 12” horizontal grid that wraps its way into the interior where it defines the layout of all the details.

The house features: Solar Energy System, Grey Water Recycling, Rain Water Capture System with storage cisterns, recycled flooring, interior doors built from recycled lumber waste, and passive daylighting, and passive cooling.

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