Eclectic Farmhouse Landscape Design For Family Entertainment In Encinitas, CA

This project created an indoor and outdoor space for entertainment in Encinitas, CA ( )

Using an industrial and raw look to the property with a commercial architectural style the materials blend to create a natural look. This modern contemporary feel includes flowing grasses, 80 year old olive trees, a swimming pool and fire/water features

The farmhouse style beach house architecture uses materials like Ipe boards and stainless steel to add a unique contrast in this property.

We used the Ipe wood because it is one of the harder woods on the market, does not require a lot of maintenance, and is resistant to termites. It has a longevity superior to other types of woods.

From koi pond to water / fire feature this property used multiple different materials to create an elegant yet classic style perfectly fit for a farmhouse near the beach in Encinitas.

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