Ecological Landscape Design Webinar with Leif Skogberg – GLTV Free Webinar – 1

In this introduction to Ecological Landscape Design Leif covers the basics elements of sustainable landscaping, including topics such as observation, site assessment, water harvesting earthworks, greywater, building healthy soil, appropriate plant choices, and much more.

As a free webinar class presentation recording, Leif uses slides to discuss how to design landscapes in accordance with ecology and the natural patterns, systems, cycles and flows of nature.

Watch and learn more about general sustainable design considerations, as well as how to be a steward and alchemist of the Earth.

To learn more about Leif and his work see his website and social media sites below.

For details about Leif’s upcoming Residential Ecological Design Masterclass, please comment “REDM Info?” below, or go to Leif’s website and fill out a “contact” form.

For information on Erik Ohlson’s Eco-Landscape Mastery Program, go to the following link:

Thank you for watching. I hope you enjoyed the presentation and got a great value out of the content covered.

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