Ethanol and Gel Alcohol Fireplaces (An Architect’s Take)

Two common alternatives to the traditional fireplace that have been gaining favor with consumers ready for a simpler installation, lower maintenance and ease of use are the ethanol and gel-fueled fireplaces. If you’re considering purchasing one, this video describes everything you need to know.

I discuss costs, configurations, types, layout, fuels and a few caveats.

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  1. MaZEEZaM
    May 9, 2017

    We bought one of the table top versions as an emergency heat backup in the case of a blackout as we had ducted gas heating that relied on electricity for the fans to blow the heat around the house so would not work in the case of a blackout. For this purpose it worked really well but though it had glass screens around it I would not recommend using them with children as the flame was quite erratic and would frequently throw itself over or between the glass walls, flames are near invisible unless it was dark and a very hot, the glass itself would also become hot. I think here in Australia they were also recalled after we bought ours due to poor manufacturing standards of the cheaper models and I would think the risk to children. I would recommend them in some circumstances but if you have an option of a enclosed wood heater, I would pick the wood heater any time of the week, its a very nice, I suggest unparalleled form of radiant heating, for me though expensive to install and like here wood isnt exactly cheap you cant beat the feel to your body and ambience of an efficient wood heater.

  2. Jamie Krueger
    September 25, 2017

    I really like the designs of these units over a traditional fireplace. So can I add a vent like a vented fireplace that brings in fresh air and takes out bad air and negate the 2 big issues with these?

  3. LISA LN
    January 6, 2018

    $300 at home depot includes Firefox, mantel, and logs…fuel sold separately where are you getting yoour prices from…

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