Exceptionally Badass Quotes About Architecture and Design

Exceptionally Badass Quotes About Architecture and Design:
-Architecture Should Speak of Its Time and Place, but Yearn for Timelessness. Frank Gehry
-Architecture Is a Dangerous Mix of Power and Importance. Rern Koolhaas
-The Life of a Designer Is One of Fight: Fight Against the Ugliness. Massimo Vignelli
-Everything Is Designed. Few Things Are Designed Well. Brian Reed
-Good Design Is All About Making Other Designers Feel Like Idiots Because the Idea Wasn’t Theirs. Frank Chimero
-Design Is Where Science and Art Break Even. Mieke Gerritzen
-Architecture, of All the Arts, Is the One Which Acts the Most Slowly, but the Most Surely, on the Soul. Ernest Dimnet
-Any Work of Architecture That Does Not Express Serenity Is a Mistake. Luis Barragán
-Architecture Is the Art of How to Waste Space. Philip Johnson
-I Don’t Know Why People Hire Architects and Then Tell Them What to Do! Frank Gehry
-We Used to Build Civilizations. Now We Build Shopping Malls! Bill Bryson

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