Florida Friendly Landscape Design – Testimonial

The Landscape Artist is back with a better approach to a beautiful garden. Florida is now one of many states that have banned fertilizers containing nitrogen and phosphorus. With these restrictions on top of tougher watering restrictions, what is a homeowner to do to maintain a beautiful lawn? Florida friendly landscaping is a better alternative to traditional Saint Augustine lawns. Even Bahia lawns and now Zoyzia lawns have their own problems. Lessen the square footage of your lawn and you will save thousands of your hard-earned dollars on turf replacement, chemicals, fertilizers, labor, and most of all… WATER …the most precious resource (other than your time)!

This video is an interview with a very well informed client. This client spent many hours doing research before contacting Sadree Landscape Design. Working with Shaun, the client presented many issues that needed to be addressed in the new landscape design. After many months of research, planning and budgeting, Shaun and his team brought to life a “Florida Friendly” masterpiece!

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