Do Your Own Garage Door Opener Repair and Troubleshooting

You can repair your garage door by yourself. How? Let me tell you. It is very common to Garage Door Repair in Houston.

Check Your Door First

Check your door keenly, if it is not opening smoothly than there is some problem with roller or springs.

Play it Safe

Be careful while dealing with your door. First of all you have to unplug door because if you are working and someone hit the remote, the worse can happen to you.

Symptom: The Remote Works but the Wall Switch Doesn’t

Check your remote and wall switch. If your remote isn’t working then replace it first.

If remote is working well then check your wall switch. If it has any problem then removes it from wall first. Check its wires. Try to connect them together and check it. If its not working you have to change it.

Symptom: The Wall Switch Works but the Remote Doesn’t

If your remote is not working then check it. Maybe there is some problem with its batteries.

Symptom: The Door goes Up, But it Only Goes Down When You Hold Down the Wall Switch

You have to check your sensor alignment if the door goes up but it only goes down.

Symptom: Everything Works Fine Except the Lights

If the lights are ok but don’t work well check the socket properly.

Symptom: The Opener Makes a Grinding Noise But the Door Doesn’t Move

If the opener makes noise check the gear. If it is not working and moving easily properly replace it.

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