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John Vogel, contemporary furniture designer, describes his influences and inspiration. Take a peek inside his studio in Cape Town, South Africa.

After starting his career in design as an architect, John Vogel eventually shifted his focus to contemporary furniture design. He draws inspiration from the landscape, wildlife and plant life of South Africa. He’s known worldwide for the unique connection he makes between nature and people. His contemporary furniture brings the natural world indoors and appeals to lovers of global design. John uses traditional South African crafts, like riempie weaving, in his work.

A believer in the universal language of global design, John Vogel is a proud part of a new generation of designers who are elevating South Africa’s presence in the sphere of global design.

To learn more, visit:

Take a look at west elm’s collaboration with John Vogel here:

Check out west elm’s South Africa-inspired collection here:

See the John Vogel chair and the rest of the collection at:

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