God Beetle – Ink Drawing 3-point Perspective Art – Gothic/Medieval Architecture

This is it! I finally got around to uploading the inking process from beginning to end, with some views of the final product as well.

From the sketching of perspective lines to finish took about 1 year and a half! Sketches and planning before-hand spanned an extra 6 months. This video doesn’t even include the progress of sketching, which took the longest. We’ll save that for next time.

Atlas Metamorphosis Stage 4 of 4: God Beetle Risen

This is the final stage in the Atlas Metamorphosis where we see God Beetle taking off into the skies embarking on a new journey, being manned by two steampunk engineers alluding to the progress that brought us out of the dark ages into the Renaissance.

Gothic cathedrals loom overhead in this dazzling 3-point perspective, adorned by the most magnificent symbology depicting the scriptural scenes of his holy teachings. In this alternate timeline, one will notice a similarity to our Christian churches, but in this dimension, the beetle is our depiction of God. Christ is very similar to the beetle god in our previous stage (taking place in ancient Egypt) where Kapri was seen with a beetle for a face. Many parallels are seen throughout our timeline’s religions as well as this other world.

Be on the look out for the last piece of this puzzle, as even though this is the final stage of metamorphosis, the prophesy started with Stage 2 of 4, and therefore, is incomplete until Stage 1 has been born. Stage 1 is the Egg stage, and is prophesied to take place in a primal, ancient central American civilization, perhaps that of the Aztecs.

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  1. HGordyArt
    April 14, 2018

    Another epic piece. Great work!

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