Good plan for landscaping

Good plan for landscaping

Good plan is the most important factor in trading a good landscape that’s
0:04because it takes most do-it-yourselfers between three and five years to finish a
0:08big landscape
0:09well first of all it takes more than just a couple of weekends second of all
0:13the plants and materials alone can run into the thousands of dollars so get
0:17spread out over a few years the first consideration is a style landscaping
0:21work best with your property this house has kind of a cozy like to a landscape
0:25architect has picked up on that in the design that’s where the beds have curves
0:30in straight lines and where the plants seem to be placed almost at random
0:34that’s all very carefully planned though you’ll see it come together later on the
0:38tape but right now let’s take a look at a finished example of an informal
0:41landscape this video shows a newly planted garden done the English garden
0:46style it was designed to harmonize with the architecture of the home and it
0:50features mass plantings of shrubs and perennials with no formal borders
0:53between them
0:55compare that to this card which shows the formal style of straight lines and
1:00perfect geometrical shapes featured here our garden house patio and concrete
1:05stairs which create a classical garden next to the house the highlight is an
1:09aerial hedge which follows the arc at the end of the patio here in the
1:13planting seem orderly not random and they’re closely managed and pruned to
1:18maintain the formal effect ok let’s assume that you’ve decided which styles
1:23you like best
1:24your next consideration is what you want your landscape to do for your house and
1:27yard besides make it look nicer here’s where you want to start thinking about
1:31the function you want your landscape to perform like creating new areas for play
1:36and leisure increasing privacy and blocking the Sun when door street noise
1:44you should also think about ways to improve the value of your house from the
1:48street by framing it better or highlighting the entryway but don’t
1:52forget about the views from inside the house if you are large windows or French
1:57doors they come out how you can improve the views you now have through them the
2:02same would apply if there’s a porch patio or deck if there’s no outdoor
2:07seating area you might include one in your new plan and then work on their
2:11view you
2:11house from that area finally check out the rest of your neighborhood and try to
2:17imagine how your ideas would blend in with the other yard there’s a certain
2:20value and keeping a visual continuity between the houses so you might think
2:25twice about anything that’s wildly different in fact you might want
2:29incorporate some of your neighbors ideas in your own yard to promote continuity
2:32if you do that then you’ll be starting to think like a designer but you also
2:36have to be thinking about some of the other materials that designers work with
2:39the trees shrubs and flowers at actually make up the landscape if you’re going to
2:44plan your own landscape you need a pretty good idea of which ones will work
2:47in your climate trees shrubs and flowers are all categorized by their plant
2:52hardiness which means how well they perform a different climate extremes
2:55North America has been divided into 10 climatic zones in the plant hardiness
2:59zone map put up by the USD apartment of Agriculture with zone 1 the coldest end
3:04zone 10 the warmest national plan reference guides and nursery catalogs
3:08will list the plant hardiness by his own so once you determine the climatic zone
3:13we live in
3:13you can figure out which of the plants will thrive on your part of North
3:16America your local nurseries will course stock plants that are hard to your
3:21climate and if they do carry any non hardy plants alert you to the special
3:25care those plants need to survive in your climate in addition to the climate
3:29factor there’s also the Sun factor for trees shrubs and flowers some need full
3:34Sun some need for shade and they won’t thrive in the opposite extreme so plant
3:39guides in catalogs will also list the plant Sun or shade requirements and
3:44that’s something you have to consider your planning the catalogs and guides
3:48also list the plant size at maturity which is critical for proper spacing on
3:53your plan and in your yard and this catalog also list the time of year when
3:57the flower or shrub is in bloom and that’s a consideration when you’re
4:01trying to maintain color in your yard through the entire growing season
4:06the main thing to be concerned about is what your trees shrubs and flowers look
4:09like if you’re like me look for one of these catalogs you find dozens of things
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