Handicap Bathroom Remodeling.wmv

Handicap bathroom remodeling of a standard 5′ x 9′ bathroom with a Roll-in Shower (Barrier-Free). This bathroom was completely gutted-out and remodeled. Reinforcement were installed for the grab bars. 6 standard grab bars were installed along with a pivot down grab bar next to the toilet. The toilet is ADA height, white and elongated. The bathroom was painted. The two doors were replace to allow wheelchair access. Two shower faucets were installed. One for the fixed shower head and one for the adjustable bar hand-held . Two caddy corners and towel bar were also installed.
the tile design ncludes 12″ x 12″, 6″ x 6″ porcelain tile. 2″x 2″ and 2′ x 4″ tumbled travertine for the feature strips, finish trim and floor. 6″ x 6″ decos. The light, vanity, lavatory faucet, and mirror were also replaced. As the picutre show, the bedroom’s floor was also tile with a design.

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  1. ezaccessbathrooms
    April 12, 2011

    This is a handicap bathroom specifically designed for one of our wheelchair bound clients. A seat/bench would prohibit the client from entering the shower. This is only one of many designs we have developed, formulated, and achived to meet all of our clients personal needs.

  2. Poiqtube
    December 11, 2012

    Looks great! Would have been great to knock out that wall and make it one huge bathroom with easy access to shower. (Missed opportunity for a wall pocket door as it is, too.)

  3. Louis Martins
    June 15, 2015


  4. Luis R
    May 21, 2016

    Looks nice… How did you made the shower pan

  5. Paramom Rolling
    July 17, 2016

    Love pocket doors but I noticed the reason why not able to use one. If I could build a new home wheelchair accessible I would use pocket doors as much as possible. The door hanging is a pain and wasted space in my case. Almost 40yrs as a complete paraplegic I have the plans in my head,,$$ is the obstacle + land..

  6. letlive
    October 4, 2017

    Music and or a brief explanation either in voice or by print would have helped make this a more polished presentation. I notice that the vanity is not made for w/c access. Would have suggested this based on another video on the subject, nice tile job.

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