Home Improvement & Remodeling : How to Make Drafting Table Plans

Drafting table plans, like any furniture plans, should start with a piece of graph paper and a determination of the proper scaling. Decide if a drafting table will have a tilted top or a fixed top with help from a professional carpenter in this free video on home improvement and furniture building.

Expert: Stephen G. Anthony
Contact: www.AdviceFromAHandyman.Blogspot.com
Bio: Stephen G. Anthony is a professional carpenter, woodworker and handyman based in New York City and south Florida.
Filmmaker: Paul Muller

Series Description: Almost every aspect of a house that is energy inefficient can be replaced, and this process starts with having a power company inspect the home for energy efficiency. Make sure a water heater is insulated and that doors and windows are sealed with help from a professional carpenter in this free video series on home improvement and remodeling.

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    August 1, 2017

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