House Beautiful 2018 | House Level 4 Beautifully Such As Luxury Villas in Seltisberg, Switzerland

Architectural minimalism is becoming increasingly popular all over the world. The owner of this house too. This 4th grade house is the home of a young family in Seltisberg, Switzerland. Both landlords and architects are aiming to build a simple building that is a combination of basic shapes, avoiding the dull momentum in detail. In addition, homeowners want their homes to be really comfortable, friendly to nature and suitable for the climate. The main materials such as wood, concrete, stone and steel harmoniously help the house has a traditional yet still breathable modern youth. Architects have designed a basement as the perfect sun protection solution for the hot season.

Upstairs is used for living room and kitchen. The large front porch is arranged at the dining table, while the relaxation area is ideal. The cool and private basement is used as a bedroom to ensure privacy. Large glass windows help natural light fill the living space. The main living room area is spacious, airy. Modern fully equipped kitchen. The interior of the house is modern and youthful in color.

According to ArchDaily

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  1. Mark Delgado
    July 18, 2018

    OK, this house is the best by far, you have ever shown on your channel. It's amazing!

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