How to Become a Marine Architect

How to Become a Marine Architect
00:00:41 Steps
00:00:46 1 – Search for a marine career college program that relates to architecture if you are unable to find a suitable marine architecture program
00:01:15 2 – Go the marine engineering route if you prefer
00:01:51 3 – Earn a college degree
00:02:12 4 – Apply for a job with a private company or with the US.
00:02:35 5 – Discuss construction data and needs with other marine engineers and architects
00:03:03 6 – Use computers and other technology in marine design
00:03:21 7 – Understand physics and marine engineering concepts to incorporate buoyancy and stability factors into designs
00:03:52 8 – Test designs and build models according to national and international standards
00:04:12 9 – Supervise construction of the building of marine crafts according to marine architecture specifications
00:04:34 10 – Take the Professional Engineer Review Course (PERC) offered by the Society of Naval Architects Marine Engineers (SNAME) if you plan on pursuing Professional Engineer (PE.
00:05:05 11 – Pursue a graduate degree in a marine engineering or architecture if you are interested in teaching or research and development
00:05:20 Tips

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