How To Build A Remodeling Debris Chute

Carpenter and builder Rob Robillard from demonstrates how to build a fast and efficient remodeling debris chute to keep the mess out of the rest of the house.

Visit Rob’s website where he shares his industry training and experience to provide solutions to your problems and to make appropriate PRO recommendations for purchasing products, tools and accessories.

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  1. A Concord Carpenter / ToolBoxBuzz
    March 12, 2013

    Demo Remodeling  Chute

  2. Robin Bannister
    August 17, 2014

    where do I locate these barrels for purchase?

  3. FrustratedBaboon
    December 27, 2014

    Those are very expensive.

  4. Michael Hopp
    November 3, 2016

    Actually Gasgiant, your comment is 100{5aabe1b64c219f6f29e4ecad69b119eaa0c9dd9e524c451ecae8f93d68902924} invalid. Client's do not want construction debris being walked through their finished home and that statement is what they will be if you work in that manner. Let's grow up and learn from the free videos from A Concord Carpenter.

  5. Philip Melo Benevides
    November 3, 2016

    Controlling dust and preventing spill-over into finished spaces is the true mark of a professional remodeler. Thanks for the great content Rob!

  6. Egor Moisenko
    March 4, 2017

    I know that you can get solutions for that on woodprix website. just google 'woodprix' :)))

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