How to Decorate a Cookie Cake | Cake Decorating

Cookie cakes are an easy treat for a celebration. Decorate your cookie cake for the occasion with icing and other sweets.

Instructions, Things You’ll Need
* Decorating bag
* Decorating tip
* Royal icing
* Food coloring
* Chocolate chips
* Candles
* Sprinkles

Step #1: Allow your cookie cake to cool to room temperature. If you try to decorate a cookie cake fresh out of the oven, it will melt the icing and other toppings you use to decorate it.

Step #2: Fill a decorating bag fitted with your choice of decorating tip with royal icing. Alternately, fill a sandwich bag with icing and snip off the corner.

Step #3: Squeeze the decorating bag to apply the icing to the cookie cake. Only draw the outline of your chosen design, because you will later use diluted icing to color in between the lines. Think of it as a “paint by numbers” drawing. Right now you just want the line drawing.

Step #4: Dilute royal icing with water until it has the consistency of thick maple syrup. It should pour easily but not be runny or watery. Add food coloring to the icing if your design calls for it.

Step #5: Pour the icing into the sections you outlined with the decorating bag. The lines will keep the icing within the areas you drew.

Step #6: Add any additional decorations, such as chocolate chips, candles and sprinkles.

Step #7: Allow the icing to set for two hours.

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