How to Draw Better Lines – It’s Important

Line quality is very important. Here’s how to make your drawings look more professional. This is a re-edited video from before.

►Learn how to draw with pencils with my step by step drawing tutorials. Let me show you how to draw anything from beginning to the end. For some subject like drawing animals, blocking in the basic shapes first is useful. For portrait drawings, starting with the eye is my preferred method of drawing. But whatever the subject matter or method, I will always show you the easiest and most effective way to draw.

What drawing level are you at? If you are a BEGINNER artist, watch my basic drawing and shading videos:

If you are an INTERMEDIATE artist, then portrait drawings should be a challenge to you:

Timed Drawing CHALLENGES:

Drawing ANIMALS is a great way to learn about form and shading. Learn how to draw horses, lions, elephants, sharks, etc here:

Learn how to draw human anatomy the easy way. These videos will show you how to draw the head, eyes, nose, lips, and hands:

Let’s draw the human FIGURE in MOTION. Here are some simple steps to drawing great action poses:

Draw any kind of HAIRSTYLES, whether it is straight hair or wavy hair, here is how you draw great looking hair:

Want to draw GAME CHARACTERS? These game character drawings will help you draw with a more illustrative style.
CLASH of CLANS and CLASH ROYALE game characters:

OVERWATCH game characters:

MORTAL KOMBAT game characters:

WORLD of WARCRAFT characters:

GAME of THRONES portrait drawings. Draw Khaleesi, Jon Snow, Tyrion, or a White Walker. More to come:

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  1. Anthonny Ng AKA CorruptedDark
    June 6, 2017

    One question….why do I always get inspiration when seeing a drawing

  2. Hashir Saleem
    June 6, 2017

    That's the right Wei to draw line…

    imma leave now

  3. Sorida Im
    July 13, 2017

    Very helpful, thank you so much Wei.

  4. No Stahp
    July 19, 2017

    That picture he used killed me. 😂

  5. Felix BCN
    July 25, 2017

    Thank you! In 5:45 how is your elbow?

  6. Diremension
    August 12, 2017

    My lines look like spaghetti…

  7. The Real Andre B. Elpedes
    August 17, 2017

    +Art of Wei Can a pen also works when drawing better lines?

  8. The Real Andre B. Elpedes
    August 17, 2017

    +Art of Wei Can you also do "drawing better basic shapes and shapes in perspective, and forms"? I think it's kinda like a drawing exercise.

  9. TheGamingGeek
    September 20, 2017

    I'm taking a class in Highschool called Computer Aided Drafting and Design and the problem is is that I can't steady my hand can you please help me

  10. Sharon Bear
    September 24, 2017

    wow! I wish and will get better like you

  11. Kecoa Terbang
    September 27, 2017

    awesome, thank you

  12. Alice Oliver
    October 4, 2017

    Such a clear tutorial & lots for me to work on. Love it!

  13. friendsfreak
    October 18, 2017

    Just finished this video, and my lines have never looked so beautiful. Just looking at the exercises I did, I can legitimately see myself doing art I'm proud of one day. Thanks a lot!

  14. Владислав Королёв
    October 23, 2017

    Very helpful! Thank you!

  15. Cohen Brunet
    October 25, 2017

    oml most satisfying drawing video ever

  16. gwishy gamers
    November 18, 2017

    I have chringy ass lines. XD

  17. mohd basri
    November 20, 2017

    Thx for the advice now o drawing my lines like usin a ruler (for real)

  18. Hurt Locker
    November 26, 2017

    Cum in, liftoff

  19. Christian Warrior
    December 10, 2017

    Simple yet effective! Thank you so much!

  20. Imsoniac
    January 8, 2018

    You are my teacher!!!

  21. Rushikesh
    January 20, 2018

    Thats awesome , now i can scribble better at maths class

  22. BananaAnaBooks
    February 3, 2018

    …I cant even draw a line….. hurray….

  23. aakansha sharma
    February 13, 2018

    Try that in 2X. His voice sounds amazing

  24. AnyBody Can Draw Easily
    March 2, 2018

    great work

  25. shravan chari
    March 6, 2018

    sir which pencil do you use for shading.

  26. Little Rue
    March 8, 2018

    That first example is how I do my line. 😂😂😂

  27. young matter
    March 8, 2018

    Ilikethis I like that thanks so much you are a good artist

  28. young matter
    March 8, 2018

    Ilikethis I like that thanks so much you are a good artist

  29. young matter
    March 8, 2018

    Ilikethis I like that thanks so much you are a good artist

  30. T' Challa
    March 17, 2018

    "And only by following the same direction of these lines, will you be able to get it smooth" – Wei

  31. Cheryl Ballantyne
    March 23, 2018

    Thank you, Wei!

  32. Giselle Cuello
    April 15, 2018

    I came to learn how to draw lines and your lines were way better

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