Most of us experience some sort of cracking in the foundations of our houses. These foundation cracks are simply categorized as major (>¼ inch wide or large number of small cracks) and minor (few cracks <¼ inch wide). This article focuses mainly on fixing minor cracks and as for major cracks, readers are strongly advised to get expert advice from a professional foundation repair company.

Steps in repairing minor cracks


This is done to get rid of small chips.

Preparation of concrete patch

For mixing, latex is preferred over water and should mix until you get a thin paste.

Wetting and applying the patching liquid

Water should be used to wet the crack to retain the moisture of the patching compound. Thereafter, the patching compound should be applied using a trowel.

Final touches

This is done to make the patched surface look similar to the surrounding surface. The trowel can be used to make the surface smooth while a broom can be used to make the surface rough.

Cleaning used tools

This should be done immediately after the work is finished since the quick-drying concrete patch compounds tend to dry off within a few minutes.

Portland cement can be also used as a substitute for concrete patch compounds. Before using, cement and sand in a ratio of 1:3, they should be mixed with a suitable concrete bonding agent. A small amount of the prepared mixture together with more bonding agent should be applied before applying the prepared mixture. Afterwards, the surface can be prepared as described in step 4 above.


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