How to: make a beautiful Organza Full Hood around a chair cover

The full hood covering the chair cover created in this video stays in its place for long hours.

The sash used in this cover is made of Organza material, which is a light material with a crisp finish, it is very easy to create different style of chair cover decorations which will last a long event.

This helpful video from Chair Cover depot ( the leading name in chair cover industry shows in a simple to understand way on how to tie your sash in a decorative way to enhance the look of your chair covers.
The video released by Chair Cover Depots are usually used to train wedding professionals and event management staff.

Chair Cover Depot has decided to release these videos to the general public as we had received many requests for information on ‘how to do it yourself’ guides on party decor & themes.

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  1. Holi Keay
    June 3, 2014

    I have question ref this..
    How much organza would you need to do one chair??

  2. Anna R
    March 22, 2017

    Hi, How much organza would you need? and Where could I buy it finished like this? Thank you!

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