How to Make Christmas Tree Ornaments

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Mahalo expert Keltie Colleen shows you how to make Christmas tree ornaments.

Once you have purchased your
Christmas tree, it is time pick and choose from all the variety of decorations that can be bought. However, the most cherished ornaments are usually the ones handmade by friends and family. Nothing beats the heartwarming feeling of receiving such a lovely gift. Beyond that, creating your own tree decorations is fun for children and adults alike.

How to Make Christmas Tree Ornaments tutorial should take 30 to 45 minutes to make all the samples presented below. To complete the majority of the how to, a basic knowledge of sewing is required. It will actually be easier to hand sew them than to use a sewing machine for people unaccustomed to sewing small items. Other than sewing, simple gluing and cutting is required for another project.

Since you will need to make at least 12 of any given ornament, make the process easier on yourself by planning ahead. Cut out your templates on stacks of paper or fabric at a time. This will make the construction go much faster once every thing is out and ready to go in an assembly line manner. You can even get other family members to speed up the process by doing the gluing or decorating phase.

Quilted Star

This plushy quilted
star will add a soft and elegant touch to any Christmas tree. For a little extra sparkle, look for a shimmer specialty fabric.

* Supplies:

* Fat quarter of gold Christmas themed fabric

* 24 inch decorative skinny braid

* Transfer paper

Sewing needle
* Matching thread

* Quilt batting


1. Fold both fabrics in half and stack them together.

2. Using transfer paper, trace the provided pattern on the wrong side of your fabric. Don’t forget to add the decorative dotted line guides as well on the front of a main sheet.

3. Draw a 1/4 inch hem around the shape.

4. With the whole stack in hand, cut out the star shape. Now, you will have two pieces of your main fabric.

5. Cut the original star shape out of the batting then slipstitch or tack it to the inside of one of your main pieces.

6. Place the two halves together with the main fabrics touching.

7. Straight stitch along the whole shape to close it leaving a section of top open for turning.

8. Turn the star right side out and whipstitch the top closed.

9. At this point, straight stitch along the decorative lines through all the layers of fabric.

10. Whip stitch your braid along the entire edge.

Snowflakes on Clothespins

snowflakes can be clipped to the tree as well as on furniture and curtains around the house. You can even integrate them with garland hung across windows and fireplaces.

* Supplies:

* Clothespins

* White construction paper

* Scissors

* Paperclips

* Thin cardboard
* Silver glitter
paint pen (optional)


1. Cut out the provided template shapes from the printed page.

2. Trace the shapes onto a piece of construction paper or thin cardboard to create a new template.

3. Use a pencil with this new template and copy the shapes to your construction paper.

4. Cut out your snowflakes.

5. Take a clothespin and place a line of glue along its length.

6. Then, center a large flake over the glue to secure it.

7. Attach one or two of the smaller ones to the large one for variety.

8. Let it dry before adding extra decorations.

9. After it has dried, trace the snowflake lines with a
3D glitter paint pen to get extra sparkle.
10. Once finished, you can hang them where ever you wish.

Mini Christmas Stocking

This Christmas standard has been shrunk down to make an interesting tree ornament that holds your candy canes. If you’d like, you can substitute felt to lower the cost or velvet if you have more of a budget.

* Supplies:

* Fat quarter of red Christmas themed fabric

* Fat quarter of fabric in contrasting color for lining

* Fat quarter of white furry fabric

* Transfer paper

* Sewing needle

* Matching thread

* Ribbon in matching color

* Iron-on applique Initials


1. Print out the provided stocking template and stack it with your main and contrast color fabric folded.

2. Use a paperclip to hold them together.

3. Draw a 1/4 inch hem around the shape.

4. Cut out the shape.

5. Repeat the…

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