How to Remodel a Basement : Basement Remodeling: Bathroom Plumbing & Fixtures

You can move the plumbing for the toilet from the place where the pipe is initially sticking out. Learn about bathroom plumbing and fixtures when finishing a basement from a professional remodeler in this free home improvement video.

Expert: Jeremy Blackwell
Bio: Jeremy Blackwell has managed multi-million dollar residential construction projects internationally. Jeremy has his own company that specializes in basement remodeling and residential construction.
Filmmaker: Paul Kersey

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  1. TheOldkid888
    April 13, 2011

    Toilets rough in at 121/2" off of the rough wall.You will need a minimum from either side of your wall to the centre of your toilet of at least 16 inches. When remodeling your bathroom or adding a bathroom;you can look at different fixtures to install especially bathtubs or showers.Tubs come in 3 and 4 pieces and this helps greatly when it comes to getting them into the house.The centre section of a 3 piece tub is generally 38" depth area and does not bend.They also make 4 and 5 foot showers.

  2. TheOldkid888
    April 13, 2011

    I would personally look at a 4 foot shower that has a seat in it as well.Very nice to look at and a great selling feature.Although the homeowner will make up their own mind when it comes to this decision.Toilets now can be roughed in at a few different measurements as well.American standard has one that you can rough in at 101/2 to 121/2 inches;as the tank adjusts on the bowl.What ever your decision make sure you have done your research and take your time .Good luck and have a good day.RESEARCH.

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