Interior Design Ideas #11 : Dos & Donts of False Ceiling Design

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Just because others are doing fancy looking pattern and grooves in their ceiling you dont have to follow them.
Ceiling height has to be perfect. If it is too high, it will make you feel restless & same happens if ceiling is too low.
When you put complex design on your ceiling by doing false ceiling, or use dark colour, it gives a feeling that ceiling is coming close to you. It gives feeling of reduced height.
In certain rooms like bedroom you don’t want to have too high ceiling. The design pattern which you select & texture & colour & glossiness you select for your ceiling will give increased or decreased height feeling. if your ceiling is grabbing your attention is done too much & it is not advisable for rooms with not sufficient height.

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  1. Srigopal Sharma
    May 7, 2016

    good one, can u suggest what should be the ceiling height?

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