Interior Design Ideas #14 : How Glass adds Value to Your Home Interior

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As discussed in earlier videos Windows are excellent thing you can have in your home. It brings in daylight. It extends your room to outer world. it is biggest attraction in any room. People tend to look outside window.
Glass brings functionality to your home. It protects you house from dust & rain. It lets good things like light & view come inside. It creates boundary between your home & outer world but at the same time lets your room look bigger by extending it to outer world.
Have a clear glass on your windows. If you are fighting for space, it is very important to have nothing but clear glass on your windows. More clearer is the view of outside, more spacious room will look.

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  1. silviyaisaac
    August 1, 2017

    Your videos very nice please make video on some solution for wall which have always leakage of water

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