Interior Design Ideas #6 : Eliminate Clutter for Spaciousness

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Easier said than done. My mother & wife likes to buy things when we travel. Rugs, cushion covers, some display items. We have lot of things inside our home & there is no space for bringing new stuff. But new things keep pouring inside our home from all over the world.
it is not easy. We are living being with feelings & memory. We like to collect memento. You visited some place & loved it. Then you came across decorative momento which you want to carry home. Well you got to do what your heart tells you to do.
Unfortunately our homes have limited space. We cannot just thrash stuff inside our home.
Start working on stuff inside you house decide what stays & what goes out. If you want space, something has to go. You have to discipline yourself in to not buying things that takes up more space.

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