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Interlocking panel is a contemporary looking wall cladding system installed with a ventilated air gap for external and internal applications.

The panels are connected by an interlocking groove giving it an elegant appearance of a recessed joint.

The reveal panel can range from 200mm to 300mm in width and lengths up to 6.0 m.

Interlocking panels are laid and fixed down on the grooved flange using concealed fasteners directly onto the batten.

The panels are connected by inserting the male flange into the groove.

The load bearing main structure can be a concrete wall, masonary wall or steel.

The batten can be either timber or metal. The battens shall be placed at right angles to the panels.

The panels can be laid horizontally, vertically or diagonally.

In the case of non vertical walls, a waterproof membrane must be installed behind the ventilation gap.

Material choice to be verified by client and installation must be in accordance with the BCA.

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