Kitchen Decoration 2018: Easy Guides for Beginners

It is time to decorate the kitchen, and we find a space that we do not know very well how to make the decoration of kitchens 2018. Decorating kitchens can be the most important and complicated part of the home, as it is much more difficult to renovate it and we must make the right decisions. There is no room for error, at least at the base of the kitchen decor.

The decoration of kitchens is not only the style chosen, or the colors… the decoration of kitchens begins with the design of the same, and for that, is the first step when it comes to getting a kitchen of ten.
Luxury Design of kitchens 2018
Before starting furniture and appliances we must know the space we have, where are the water and electricity outlets in case we have installed and if we can take advantage of them so that the design of the kitchen is perfect.

Therefore, in this first step we will choose the distribution of the optimal kitchen, in which we must take into account several details.

The kitchen is divided into several areas
To decide how to distribute a kitchen, one of the most complicated tasks, to make it functional, we must take into account that it has to be divided into several areas:
• Water area. Where not only will find the sink but also include the dishwasher. And if the kitchen is the place where the washing machine is to be installed, it will also be included in this space.
• Cooking area. The space where we want kitchens. In this area we will include the oven, the ceramic hob or the type of kitchen that we choose and everything that has added, such as the extractor hood.
• Storage area. In the kitchen it is very important that there is plenty of storage space, both for the food and food storage and for all the utensils that are needed. At this point, we may have a separate pantry, but still the storage in the kitchen is crucial.
Once defined the three spaces we must take into account for the design of kitchens that form an imaginary triangle, in this way the functionality of the space will be maximum. In addition to this triangle you only have to take into account that the space on the counter is essential and the greater the better it is to be able to work and occupy it with accessories and other small appliances.

The shape of the kitchen, to take into account
It is true that the best thing for a kitchen to be properly distributed is to form the triangle described above with the three areas, but not always the size or shape of the kitchen will allow. Therefore, we will always try to adapt this triangle to the space we have.
In general, in a kitchen we can find three dispositions:
• Linear kitchen.
• L-shaped kitchen.
• U-shaped kitchen.
In these images we can imagine how to distribute the kitchen correctly according to the space available.

Tips to keep in mind when decorating kitchens
• Storage is essential and we must make the most of it, so whenever possible we have to choose furniture that reaches the ceiling. The higher shelves will be perfect for accessories that are not commonly used.
• Whenever possible, it is best to place the sink under the window. In this way we will make the most of natural light. For safety reasons the cooking area will never be placed, so the sink option is the best option.
• In small kitchens where you can not place a table, a perfect option is to lengthen the countertop a little, so we will have an extra work area and a place to eat; what is commonly known as a breakfast bar or kitchen counter.

• The height of the worktop should be between 85 and 90 cm from the floor, so that in your time in the kitchen you do not have problems derived from bad postures.
• We have already defined the three areas of a kitchen, it should be noted that in normal size kitchens the distance between the water area and the cooking area should be at least 60 centimeters, in the case of the design of small kitchens this space must be at least 45 centimeters.
• If you decide that the best layout for your kitchen is in parallel, the hallway should be approximately 130 centimeters, so the appliances and furniture will open without problems and you can move around the room without any problems.
Decorating kitchens, which can not be missed


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