Kitchen Remodel: Part 5 – Drawers

I made the cabinet drawers from half inch birch plywood. I made the side pieces from some of the scraps leftover from the cabinets and two new sheets of plywood. I have three different heights of drawers wrapping around the kitchen. A deep drawer on the bottom, and medium drawer in the middle and a shallow drawer on the top. The joint at the corners and holding the bottom in place is a dado and rabbet fit together. The bottoms are also made from half inch plywood. I made a jig to hold the slides in place for instillation.

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  1. Brian MacConnell
    May 28, 2015

    +frank howarth How long do your videos typically take for you to film and edit?

  2. Andre Lotscher
    May 28, 2015

    Frank you are my number 1 YouTube guy, you make me think and try things. I have turned a few green simple bowls and can not wait to cut out the defects and glue in new stuff and finish turning them. I saw another turner and when he was done turning green wood he would buried the bowl in a container full of chips from turning. Said they dry better wondered if you had any input.

    Google just jacked up me and I am sure millions of other users? I am not a poster just a user of youtube. I love to watch my subscribers post. I had you all in your collections Garden, Wood, Tech and now all I have is a very long list of subscribers.  GOOGLE is in violation of it's own Do no evil mantra. People have been organizing there data for years in collections and over night you basically took those years of work dumped in a pile stirred it up and left us a mess. Now I have to go thru hundreds of subscriptions to fine a certain channel that I use to know right where it was. So in addition to sending this to GOOGLE I am going to let all of my subscriptions know that I most likely will not be visiting very often because of the mess you have made.  This action is sure to affect the producers and cause a loss of traffic to your sites. So in advance sorry if I do not find my way back to your site I have I enjoyed your posts for years THANK YOU

  3. Russell Parks
    May 29, 2015

    it's the way you get there that is most interesting.  It is How Frank Works….not the destination.

  4. Retro Everything
    May 30, 2015

    Really enjoying this channel!

  5. المهندس العراقي العراقي
    June 1, 2015


  6. Timothy Fagan
    June 2, 2015

    G'day Frank i'm enjoying this kitchen series, thanks for sharing, Tim.

  7. haro taro
    June 3, 2015

    thanks for the videos,since i was a kid i started watching new yankee workshop and now there are a lot of people started posting on youtube. thank you sir! i wish i could own a table saw T_T that saw cost so much here in Philipines T_T

  8. Micah Rumba
    June 9, 2015

    "The faces hide the spaces" 🙂

  9. Buddy Crotty
    June 17, 2015

    I've found that the soft-close rails work best when the drawers are loaded up.  Maybe that's why your big ones feel the nicest right now.

    I love your videos and I can't wait for parts 6 – 100!

  10. Bertonni Magnus
    June 19, 2015

    I enjoyed all articles published on your channel.

  11. Luke Reid
    June 21, 2015

    This guy classifies himself as a top end woodworker furniture maker but in reality he can't even nock up some simple kitchen cabinets requiring limited skills and just basic cabinetry work.

    June 22, 2015

    Your videos are insanely cool. love it! pleasure to watch.

  13. toodle171
    June 29, 2015

    The Dado Rabbet joint is quite strong with today's glues. I know you won't ever have a problem with it.  I made 'shop boxes' that way with crumby scraps and they are still going strong years of abuse later 🙂

  14. Pol Mart
    July 19, 2015

    Приспособление для крепления механизма выдвижения ящиков показалось очень удобным. Сам придумал? 🙂

  15. weesh
    July 26, 2015

    i don't understand why having the piece face up or down changes the strength.
    Isn't all the strength in the section that inserts either way? how does the non-inserted wood help either way?

  16. glendayle
    August 25, 2015

    Great project Frank.  Any chance you could put the model number or part number(s) for what door glides you used into the description?

  17. TheSuperJiggy
    September 20, 2015

    Thats not how you pronounce dildo. Say it right!!

  18. lcolpi
    September 28, 2015

    hello few millimeters is plaque and q material? due

  19. Sultaan Ahmed
    November 1, 2015


  20. ALLxoxoxoxo
    December 10, 2015

    when you where talking about losing strength in the bottom because it was dependent on the glue in the layers but it would be strongerif you turned the bottom over. Either way you are dependent on the remaining piece on the dado on the side which is supporting the whole side aren't you?

  21. Rodrigo sampaio
    April 12, 2016

    muito bom adororo esse canal.

  22. Tjita1
    May 2, 2016

    If it's any consolidation, the bottoms of our factory made drawers are made from 3 mm masonite board, and they've lasted since 1973, so I think you'll be okay.. 😉

  23. Mr Vinyl
    June 13, 2016

    frank thank you for the generous & helpful viddys. may I know how you are in such a huge and well appointed wood shop? Did you inherit it? thank you.

  24. conjering
    June 20, 2016

    You are a skillful man. Thank You for the videos

  25. Douglas Alan
    September 11, 2016

    You're good. Really good. Now quit acting like a murkin and go get yourself some wood. Real wood. It comes from a sawmill. You can't use the credit card either.Imagine that effort put into some kiln dried Mahogany. THAT would be worth all of that effort and perfection.

  26. jetsonjoe
    November 7, 2016

    These are pretty great! Thanks Frank!

  27. MJ Remy
    November 8, 2016

    I'd love to know the brand of dado blade you use which has lasted so long? Also, any recommendations for a small, portable table saw? I don't have space to lodge a large one like yours. I had a Craftsman table saw for many years and sold it due to moving. I really miss it! Need to get another one for small DIY projects. Dewalt looks very portable.

    Thanks for your excellent tutorials! Very practical, and I learn a lot about what not to do as well.

  28. So Regal
    December 26, 2016

    Perhaps u would like to try assembling only with air nails and screws instead of cut out joints or jig?(whatever u may call it, to hold the sides in place or support strength).It would save u great time and effort.However upon doing that,u most likely would need to apply those exposed areas with laminates sheets to conceal all those nails and screws holes.. cheers ,mate

  29. kyle helmer
    January 28, 2017

    What are those odd screw/pinch clamps you use frequently?

  30. Stephen Hodge
    February 24, 2017

    Another dieing art, jig and fixture making you and DiResta magic!!!!

  31. Danny Mitchell
    June 21, 2017

    hey frank, thanks for guiding me through my kitchen project! super helpful! one question: what depth are your drawers? i love the proportions you've got with the deep, medium, and shallow. thanks for all the help!!!

  32. Majid Alamri
    October 9, 2017

    Man the drawer slide jig is super brilliant. You are a genius, you made my life easy and I will definitely going to use your jig in my shop

  33. phillp thompson
    October 17, 2017

    Howard i will sure like to build a corner cabinet can you hep me out as far as the materials i may need thanks

  34. Mick Lovin
    December 27, 2017

    I am new to finish carpentry, so excuse my lack of knowledge in this but, the thing I am lacking confidence in is building my cabinet frame, then not being able to fit it into my drawer slides. Is there a certain technique to measure the width of the drawers so you can always get them cut and built accurately to the spread on the slides?
    Feedback is immensely appreciated!!!

  35. Jawad Afellat
    January 28, 2018

    Very smart from u

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